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Our modern Vanity Tray is here to organize your beauty products! Constructed from durable polymer, this lightweight and sleek white tray is designed to accommodate a vast array of items such as brow + lash supplies, skincare, makeup, tools, accessories, and more. Incorporate this tray into your beauty services as a Sanitary Maintenance Area (SMA) for maintaining cleanliness and organization of disposables and tools to use for each client. Non-porous material ensures that it can withstand daily disinfectants. 

Featuring a sleek and contemporary white design with a textured wooden base grain that adds a touch of elegance to any treatment room or decor style, complements any aesthetic. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily displayed on a cart, table, or kept in a drawer.

SIZE (approx): L 9 1/2" x W 6" x D 1" x H 2" inches