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Simplify your client's post-perm service routine with our Aftercare Serum Kit, specially designed to provide your clients with healthy growth and prolong retention after a brow lamination or lash lift. Our Glow Serum blend is made of natural oils and vitamins, perfect for nourishing and hydrating the lashes and brows. Cold-pressed oils retain all essential benefits, providing gentle, fragrance-free, and sensitive skin-friendly care. Its thin consistency enables easy application and proper absorption, promoting longer-lasting results. Get the perfect finishing touch for your beauty services with our all-natural aftercare serum kit. Using the serum daily can contribute to enhancing the hair's appearance and promoting its overall health.


  • 1 GLOW SERUM 1fl. oz/30ml + 15 empty 2ml dropper bottles(makes 15 filled half way) 
  • 1 GLOW SERUM 1fl. oz/30ml + 10 empty 3ml mini spoolie tubes (makes 10 filled full) 
  • 1 GLOW SERUM 1fl. oz/30ml + 3 empty 10ml mascara wand tubes (makes 3 filled full) 

Pair this with our brow aftercare cards to complete your client take home kits! 

INGREDIENTS: Ricinis commanis, Arganis Spinoza, Simmondsia chinensis, Cocos nucifera, and D-alpha tocopheryl acetate. These natural ingredients have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties and are designed to work together to provide a nourishing and hydrating experience for the hair.

SHELF LIFE: Refer to expiration date at the bottom of box.